L. F. Knighton

by L.F. Knighton

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released July 23, 2011



all rights reserved


L.F. Knighton Mobile, Alabama

Beau Bonfe - drums

Chase Knighton - guitar

Josh Paisant - bass

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Track Name: Dixie Knows
Well when I saw this girl, she said
Oh I'm so lonely
well I know a spot that we can dip off to
then she laughed and said that just won't do
but I could tell that she wanted some more
then I vanished cause i already knew
that she was following me out that door

love like you've never known
I've gotta get outta here
Cause it's how you end up breaking hearts
and dixie knows i want no part

oh and lovin' you..
talk to me and if i like it i'm goin' there
i'm the one with reasons
but i just cant care
Track Name: Women
All these women on my mind
but its heartache all the time
I need a woman I really do
With any luck I might get you
and I know you're looking my way
so I say just anything
come along and tell me what to say
women -- on my mind
and I know you're looking my way
so I say just anything
you're tearing me apart
don't you
Track Name: Make the Daylight Wild
Well I’ll never forget the face you made when I said quit
Now I’m running wild like I miss your kiss like I’ve been through this
But girl, you don’t love me—-I tell you
I see what appears to me as gold its in his hands
just look we can get it right now if you want
You know I do, this girl she loves me
Keep her from me
Make the daylight wild, but don’t burn out before me
You can leave your things behind cause I’m lonely you can see
I’m losing the point in me at all
I don’t know what I did miss, my minds been closed and days persist
losing track with thoughts astray, like a child on holiday
I could dream away all the time that I have left I wouldn’t mind
leaving footprints in the sand to wash away all over again
Track Name: Yes It's True
When I see you there
dressed in your red I
feel as though
When you walked away
I went after you I
feel as though
and when I get covered in you I know that its
where I need to be
and when I look right at you I know that its
where I need to be
Track Name: Thirsty
I've been thirsty for three whole days
and I want
everyone to know
It gets so hard not sayin' yes
but I just
keep on sayin' no
I get it from my daddy's side but I
don't want to talk about that
I wanna talk about the kinds of things
that you just don't hear about
why won't you talk to me?
why won't you try?
wouldn't you like to know
where I'm coming from?
Track Name: Older Now
I don't wanna go home
but i can't stay here
please don't leave it up to me
and far as i see
i'm older now
older now you figure out what's right
and what i want
i know i never should've said it but i lie
Track Name: Stay Grounded
I know you're with me
so i stay grounded
i read the paper
and see a mirage
Track Name: She's Got Everything
She's got everything and
I know it too well
When I hold her near me
My heart begins to swell
you're not coming through
Track Name: Thinkin' Man
I'm a thinkin' man don't need a gun
not a soldier for anyone
and all I keep askin'
is what I've gotta know
what are you thinkin' of me now?
now that i'm standing here
with your thoughts and questions honey
but the message ain't clear
nobody ever told me nothin'
thoughts was cloudy still the rain did fall
I'm a thinkin' man
Track Name: You're Not Good Enough
My baby told me
you've got to leave
and I say no
You know she packs my bags for me
but I won't leave I say no
I'm not leavin'
you're not good enough (woo!)
and if you wanted to get physical
well, I can do that too
Track Name: I Saw the Lord
When I saw the lord
I had a gun in my hand
He said what did you do?
and I said man,
it gets real hard
even for me
but he said no, you get no pity from me
I don't know what you know
but I tell you what,
I'm not gonna get caught
and I'm not one to believe
if I did such a thing,
I'd already be saved
you won't find me
Track Name: Baby You Don't Want To Know
You say you want me baby
You want me inside
But my girls a wild thing
Oh the things we do at night, you just don't know

You don't wanna know baby
You don't even need to try now

You say you want me baby
But I feel alright
My girls a wild thing
Oh the things we do at night, you just don't know

You don't wanna know baby
You don't even need to try now

You say you want me baby
But I've had enough
Can't get away from me girl
You know that it's tough, you just don't know

Quit tryin' girl
Track Name: I Could Stay
You don't want to take me home
I'm bad i'm so damn bad
Pick you up and put you down girl

Givin' in yeah
make me feel weak
I'm not a child girl
listen to your screams

You wouldn't know but by the morning
I'll be gone, a hazy memory
That's how i've planned it
though i've got no place to be

If you wanted i could stay
but you don't want it that-a-way
picking up my things, i'm leaving now
feeling unwanted this is all i've found
walking down the highway
lord i need a place to stay
i know i've got some friends
who will take me in but
i dont think i'll go right now
Track Name: Love Me Like I Love You
Do you love me like i love you
I've got this aching heart that beats with desire
and it needs to know

Do you-
I've got nothing
nothing on you

get your things
i say were leaving
Track Name: Boy This Is Strange
Standing at my front door
I hear the whispers through my sighing
I heard her stirring
but i don't know his name
Boy this is strange, all over again
I don't wanna make it through the night

If i ever get out, telling everyone i love
all things aside, all over me
I don't know where i go